Virgin Garden

The benefits of tea have been recognised by cultures around the world for thousands of years. Western nations were exposed to tea through trade in the 1800s and the industry has grown and diversified ever since.

However, as tea became a global commodity, mass production lead to the use of pesticides, chemicals and deteriorating conditions for the plantation workers. Virgin Garden was formed in response to concerns about environment and sustainability.

By growing our tea on plantations certified according to the strictest international standards and using only unbleached, biodegradable bags, our customers enjoy the full benefits:

  • the purest flavour, naturally 98% caffeine free
  • all the health benefits of tea without harmful pesticides or chemicals
  • supporting sustainable and biodynamic agriculture
  • enhancing the lives of workers and their communities

Whether you have it hot or cold, green or black, tea is a diverse and delicious beverage. With Virgin Garden Organic teas, you can taste the Bliss.