There are currently four varieties of Virgin Garden Organic Tea. All varieties are naturally 98% caffeine free due to the purity of the organic farming and production process on the Sri Lankan plantations.


  • 98% caffeine free
  • Natural source of antioxidants
  • This tea has a mild, full bodied earthy taste with a crisp aroma
  • It can be consumed with or without milk or sugar
  • Refreshing way to start the day tea!

Did you know? In Chinese and neighbouring languages, this teas is know as “crimson tea” referring to its colour in liquid form. The term black tea comes from the colour of the oxidized leaves.


  • 98% caffeine free
  • Natural source of antioxidants
  • Stronger than Black Tea, it has a rich, intense flavour with a hint of floral undertones
  • Popular with milk and sugar
  • The tea’s fragrance has been known to be similar to warm toast and honey which adds to it’s appeal
  • Great start to the morning tea!

Did you know? English Breakfast is not so English and was actually invented in New York City.


  • 98% caffeine free
  • Natural source of antioxidants
  • The strongest flavour of our three black teas, this tea is infused with the strong citrus flavour of bergamot – creating a intense, bold but refreshing taste
  • Can be consumed as a warm drink or iced tea – with or without milk or sugar. Served with Lemon
  • Ideal afternoon tea beverage

Did You Know? As one of the stronger varieties, Earl Grey was thought to be inappropriate for women in its early days. Fruit flavours were added to make it mild and this blend became know as Lady Grey.



Tea Guide: Everything you need to enjoy Virgin Garden Organic Teas:

Tea Variety Strength Best Time to Drink Steeping Serving Suggestions
Black Tea CupTea Cup Anytime 2 min Black, or with milk and sugar.
English Breakfast Tea CupTea CupTea Cup Morning 2 min Most popular with milk and sugar.
Earl Grey Tea CupTea CupTea CupTea Cup Afternoon 2-4 min Milk and sugar, or try the European style with a fresh slice of lemon and sugar.