Sample Boxes

Hello Virgin Garden Tea customers,

I have had a few requests for sample boxes recently so for a limited time two mixed carton offers are available for purchase either via our website, or over the telephone:

  • 1st Offer – 6pk carton containing 3 packets of Black Teabags and 3 packets of English Breakfast Teabags
  • 2nd Offer – 6pk carton containing 2 packets of Black Teabags, 2 packets of English Breakfast Teabags and 2 packets of Black Loose Leaf Tea

These mixed cartons will come in handy over the Christmas season as families and friends are able to spend more time sharing a cuppa together enjoying our low caffeine, organic teas!

Australia Post has advised that all orders need to be dispatched by the 12th December to arrive in time for Christmas – but if you happen to be visiting or passing through our lovely town here in Geelong, you are most welcome to stop by the warehouse and purchase your tea – just give me a call so I know you coming as our hours do vary over the Summer months.

Thank you all for your kind words and for supporting our tea over the past 12 months – it is greatly appreciated.

4 thoughts on “Sample Boxes”

  1. Could we please not need to login to an account to order tea? It’s very annoying. Or if there could be an option? There are so many passwords to have in life, I don’t want another. I hope you can consider this, thank you

    • Good afternoon Jen,

      Thank you for your message.

      I forwarded your question to our IT Manager and she advised that all secure websites will ask customers to have an account for ordering/payment purposes, that is their way to protect their clients privacy and ensure that their transactions are secure.

      That is what the https:// is at the front of the website.

      If you do not have this then customers are at risk of having their details etc breached, something none of us would like to happen, it is also why Cybersecurity experts recommend using https sites.

      To avoid the website ordering you are most welcome to place your order with me over the phone at any time.

      I hope this information has helped.

      Kind regards,

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