Why choose Ceylon Tea?

Sri Lanka (formally known as Ceylon), is the home of tea – originally making tea famous back in the 19th and 20th century.

Ceylon Tea is the best tea in its class; the quality and complicity in which it is manufactured can not be matched. To date, Ceylon Tea is considered one of the cleanest teas in the world.


What does 98% Caffeine Free mean?

Coffee averages around 85mg of caffeine per average cup.  Tea however ranges depending on the brand of tea, and how it was produced.  Tea can contain anywhere between 27mg to 91mg of caffeine per average cup.  Our tea, when tested, contained approximately 26mg of caffeine per 2gm tea bag.  The 98% caffeine-free referred to on the packets is per tea bag.

Our tea is naturally 98% caffeine free. A previous study by the Ceylon Institute of Tea advised in their findings that the low caffeine in the tea was the result of the tea being grown high in the mountains of Sri Lanka, where the excessive rainfall has leached the minerals from the soil – notably nitrogen – which they attribute to the main source of caffeine. This is the reason our tea is so low in caffeine. Most other teas are grown in the lower regions and the flat lands, and are decaffeinated in some instances by a chemical process.

All five varieties of our tea are 98% caffeine free; we do not sell a fully decaffeinated one.


Does our Tea contain Fluoride?

There is no Fluoride used in the production of our tea as the only water used on the plants is rainwater.


Is there a difference between Organic branded Tea and Certified Organic Tea?

Yes, the word Organic is generic and therefore is not subject to any regulations or rulings in the use of the word. To be a Certified Organic product, you must comply with annual inspections and testing done from the governing bodies.

Virgin Garden Tea is a Certified Organic Product.


Does Virgin Garden accept International Orders?

Yes. Virgin Garden accepts all orders. Prices will vary, however, depending on where and how the tea will need to get to you, the postage costs, etc.


How much Tannin is in your tea?

Per 200ml of black tea, you would expect to find between 120 and 300mg – it varies depending on how long the teabag is left to brew.