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Organic Care Principles

At Virgin Garden, we are committed to establishing and maintaining agricultural practices that nurture and restore the land we use. The organic certifications, associations and recognitions are just a by-product of our commitment to the healthiest farming process.

By following a series of organic care principles, we ensure the purest tea flavour with all its natural benefits intact.
  • Produce food of high nutritional quality in sufficient quantity
  • Interact in a constructive and life-enhancing way with natural systems and cycles
  • Encourage and enhance biological cycles within the farming system involving microorganisms, soil flora and fauna, plants and animals
  • Promote the healthy use and proper care of water, water resources and all life therein
  • Maintain and increase long term fertility of soil
  • Use renewable farm resources, as far as possible, in locally organised agricultural systems
  • Work as far as possible, with materials and substances which can be reused or recycled, either on the farm or elsewhere
  • Give all live stock conditions which allow them to perform basic aspects of their innate behaviour
  • Minimise all forms of pollution that may result from agricultural practice
  • Maintain the genetic diversity of the agriculture system and it’s surroundings, including the protection of plant, livestock and wildlife habitats
  • Preserve and enhance traditional and indigenous knowledge of seeds, crop varieties and animal breeds
  • Allow everyone involved in bio-organic production and processing a quality of life conforming to the UN human rights, charter to cover their basic needs and obtain an adequate return and satisfaction from their work, including a safe work environment
  • Consider the wider social and ecological impact of the farming system
  • Produce non-food products out of renewable resources, which are fully biodegradable

The effects of organic farming and our passion for sustainable life, extends to the communities which take care of our plantations in Sri Lanka. Since the establishment of the company, a significant amount of the profit has been put back in to enhancing the life of our workers.  Read more on:

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