About Us

In recent years, healthy living, sustainability and organics have become buzz words in our society. At Virgin Garden, we have been passionate about these causes before the “green living” trend became popular.

Virgin Garden started in 1993, following our first trip to the Sri Lanka tea plantations. We were inspired by the beauty of the land as well as the kindness of its people, and wanted to bring the benefits of Sri Lanka’s teas back to our customers in Australia.

Nearly three decades later, the company and production is still run by our core values:

  • to produce pure, delicious, organic tea free from any preservatives or additives
  • to maintain organic, sustainable and biodynamic practices in accordance with the strictest certifications
  • to enrich and improve the lives of our tea plantation workers and their communities

When you choose to drink Virgin Garden organic tea, you receive the full health benefits and flavour of this ancient beverage. In return, you contribute to taking care of the land and its people so we can continue to enjoy pure, organic tea for generations to come.

Sit back with a cup of Virgin Garden Organic Tea, relax and solve the world’s problems one sip at a time.